Plan A
Generate a Keyword Legend, which will include up to 20 keywords, researched and analyzed against user and competitor trends. The keyword legend is the foundation for SEO.

Plan B

  • Includes Plan A
  • Search Engine Optimize up to five existing web pages with the new keywords, including updating title tags, meta tags, text and alt tags.
  • Generate and submit an XML Google sitemap.
  • Generate and submit a robots text file so that search engines know which pages they should crawl.
  • Apply Google Analytics to track visitor trends, before and after our SEO work.
  • Provide a before and after-30-days report to identify SEO success and where we can improve.

Plan C

  • Includes Plans A and B
  • Link social media icons on the site (i.e. Facebook Page, Twitter, and LinkedIn).
  • Integrate social media accounts to automatically syndicate blog posts
  • Social media consultation to set up social media accounts and establish a strategy is available on request.

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