Front End Conference in Portland

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When The Front-End Design Conference in Portland came up, I had no doubt in my my mind that I had to go and feed my geek/designer soul. I had visions of surrounding myself with like-minded geeky peeps while feeling nostalgic roaming my old stomping grounds in the Pearl District. Walking in to the

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QR Codes Increase Conversion

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I was on the plane on my way back from Mexico last week and sat next to a nice lady who had thoroughly digested her airline magazine before striking up a conversation with me. She was proud to show me that her hometown of Spokane had several articles and ads

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Responsive Websites

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Delving into the world of responsive web design and development is not an easy task. We’ve spent the last 20 years establishing workflows, guidelines and processes for the best user experience … on desktops and laptops. But now that over half of our website visitors are using handheld devices (i.e.

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